Theis Precision Steel

C. Bayless & Associatesis proud to represent Theis Precision SteelTheis Precision Steel  is the largest high carbon precision steel and stainless specialty strip mill in North America. We do cold rolling and hardening and tempering of high carbon and alloys strip steels, as well as cold rolling of all stainless and nickel alloys. Theis Precision Steel is dedicated to the design and production of high quality engineered steel. The concept behind engineered steel is to design and deliver a base material which improves the function of your end product.

Theis serves the following markets:

Saw Industry – Metal cutting, wood cutting, meat and fish cutting, paper, foam, plastic, and glass cutting. Electron Beam welded strip for bandsaws, hack saws, holesaws, reciprocating saws, etc.
Hardware – Industrial knives, razors, tape steel, scrappers, trowels, various blades.
Automotive – Clutch parts, expander steel, horn diaphragm, piston ring, seat belt retractor steel, shock absorber and flapper valve steel, plus washers and formed parts.
Textile – Knitting and weaving parts.
Paper Industry – Scoring, creasing, cutting and perforating steels, doctor blades (creping, rotogravure, coater).
General Spring and Stamping – Engineered Steels designed to meet your specific need.