Day: August 19, 2020

Erickson Metals CorporationErickson Metals Corporation

Bayless & Associatesis proud to represent 
“The Symbol of Quality”

Erickson Metals Corporation is an international supplier of quality aluminum…a recognized leader in a demanding industry. Erickson Metals Corporation has attained a position of leadership in the highly competitive metals industry by addressing an emphasis on quality, superior customer service, and an efficient corporate structure.

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Erickson Metals offers more than full-line distribution services.  You can rely on Erickson for:
*Specialty rolling with close tolerances
*precision slitting
*custom shearing
*cut-to-length processing
*precision sawing. 

Some of the finest names in the cosmetic, automotive, high technology and aerospace industries consider Erickson Metals’ quality to be a competitive edge for their businesses.Because we tailor our products to their unique needs, our customers are able to realize savings in time and materials.  Erickson Metals Corporation products optimum value. 

Erickson participated in the USA Bobsled Project by supplying various rod, plate and sheet items utilized in the fabrication of the sleds and their shipping containers.  The bobsleds, used in World Cup and Olympic competition, are shipped around the world in containers sporting the Erickson name and logo.

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*Cut-to length

Erickson Metals is a small business, specializing in prompt handling, shipping and delivery.  A satisfied customer is our number one priority. 

Metal SpinningsMetal Spinnings

Metal Spinning, even in limited volume, provides a cost-effective method of forming metal that can’t be matched by either casting or stamping.  With casting and stamping, so many dollars must be invested in tooling and production costs that you must deal in extremely large quantities just to break even.  With metal spinning, you can realize a saving of as much as 70% on many items, with absolutely no loss of strength or quality.  
Spinning Options
*Long & short run production
*From 2 inch to 10 feet diameter
*150 ton presses
*Power spinning
*Rigid Quality Assurance Controls
*98% on time delivery rating 

Theis Precision SteelTheis Precision Steel

C. Bayless & Associatesis proud to represent Theis Precision SteelTheis Precision Steel  is the largest high carbon precision steel and stainless specialty strip mill in North America. We do cold rolling and hardening and tempering of high carbon and alloys strip steels, as well as cold rolling of all stainless and nickel alloys. Theis Precision Steel is dedicated to the design and production of high quality engineered steel. The concept behind engineered steel is to design and deliver a base material which improves the function of your end product.

Theis serves the following markets:

Saw Industry – Metal cutting, wood cutting, meat and fish cutting, paper, foam, plastic, and glass cutting. Electron Beam welded strip for bandsaws, hack saws, holesaws, reciprocating saws, etc.
Hardware – Industrial knives, razors, tape steel, scrappers, trowels, various blades.
Automotive – Clutch parts, expander steel, horn diaphragm, piston ring, seat belt retractor steel, shock absorber and flapper valve steel, plus washers and formed parts.
Textile – Knitting and weaving parts.
Paper Industry – Scoring, creasing, cutting and perforating steels, doctor blades (creping, rotogravure, coater).
General Spring and Stamping – Engineered Steels designed to meet your specific need.